I’m Actually a Farmer

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striped shirt (H&M), denim overalls (Topshop), frilly socks (borrowed from my sister), boots (H&M)

I wonder if farmer chic is actually a thing? because I totally want it to happen. My mom and I threw in a cheeky little Topshop visit while in LA and this (along with some other purchases) is what came out from the experience. I prefer overalls to be a bit more loose and baggy rather than really tight and short on the butt. I don’t know, I guess it ties better with the laid back vibe.

P.S. I’m so excited for spring flowers and succulents!! I couldn’t resist sticking in some flowers in my pocket!

Lots of Love,

Rose <3

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Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi! So I was looking back through old posts and I realized that since I did my last everyday makeup routine last summer, my entire routine has changed. So, I figured it was time for an updated one. 20140406-102322.jpg

I’ts taken me a really really long time, but I think I finally found my skinmakeup dream team.  All the products above are the best I’ve every used. I start with the It Cosmetics CC cream, blended in with my beauty blender.  This CC cream is the best base I’ve tried.  It is my exact color, blends in, feels like skin, improves my skin tone, and it doesn’t break me out at all.  Beauty blenders are also magical little things,  I find its the best way by far to apply face makeup.  I then apply the tarte maracuja creasless concealer to blemishes or red spots, this concealer will cover anything! It’s very creamy and will stay all day, plus it doesn’t break me out.  I apply this with the real techniques detailer brush and my fingers, I just find that this to be the best way.  I use Maybeline dream touch lumi under my eyes and on my eyelids.  I don’t have dark circles, it just makes my face look brighter.  I set everything with the Rimmel Stay Matte shine control pressed powder.  This is my favorite powder as a little goes a long way, and it takes away shine without getting cakey.


My favorite part, eyebrows! I naturally have very unruly eyebrows, so being able to do them and keep them under control is essential to me.  I fill them in any sparse areas with benefit’s instant brow pencil and set it with maybeline clear mascara.  I like this pencil, although it can be a little to creamy and can look unnatural if I’m not careful.  However, this “brow gel” is the best I’ve tried.  It keeps my eyebrows in place all day.20140406-102341.jpg

For eyes, I just blend in some brightening concealer on my lids (as aforementioned) and line them with the stila stay all day liquid liner in intense black.  This is by far my favorite means of lining my eyes as it really does stay all day and creates a super clean line that is thick in some places and thin in others.  I curl my lashes using maybeline eyelash curlers, and use either the covergirl lashblast volume, or l’oreal telescopic mascara.  I love both because unlike my previous favorite mascara (Maybeline the falsies) neither of them flake off through the day.  The L’oreal one is very lengthening and natural, and the Covergirl one is very very volumizing. I just choose whichever I feel like. 20140406-102350.jpgFinally lips! I use the Nivea kiss of milk and honey as chapstick because it’s my favorite! It really moisterizes and smells amazing.  Plus, unlike some nivea chapstick it’s not super heavy.  I also use rose salve as a balm/gloss when my lips are extra dry.  My go to lipstick is Mac’s syrup.  It is the PERFECT your-lips-but-better color for me and I wear it all the time.  Revlon Lip Buter in rasberry pie is my favorite when I want a little more color.


congrats is you made it all the way down


Spring Time


dress (Marshall’s), frilly socks (Topshop), jelly shoes (Gojane.com)

I am so ready for spring and summer! There’s just something about dresses and frilly socks that make me wanna dance around in big flower meadows. I got these sandals especially to show off all the cute socks I’ve been collecting all year. The frills peep out from boots during the winter, but now I can finally show them off in full glory. I’m also excited to wear these sandals without socks when this cold front that we’re having passes and my toes don’t freeze off in the morning chill.

Lots of Love,

Rose <3

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I Enjoy Layering

Hi! I really liked my outifit today, so here it is!

Haha I’m really bad at posing for outfit pictures.  Please excuse my awkwardness :). This time of the year where I live brings cold weather in the mornings, and sun by lunch time.  Which can only mean one thing…Layering!  Layering is kind of my favorite thing.

Outfit: Collared shirt (Nordstrom: Brass Plumb), Sweater (American Eagle), Jeans (American Eagle), Boots (Dr. Martens)



PS. Can we talk about the fact that Ed Sheeran’s mysterious date is in 2 days! AHHHH

Time and Effort

HI! The other week I had a couple days where I got to show up at school at 11, and besides the obvious benefit of sleeping time, it gave me a lot more time to get ready, so I put a lot more effort into my outfit (and I curled my hair!). 20140320-161944.jpg

I really really liked Outfit: Sweater (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (Journeys), this outfit. I love this sweater to pieces, but onfortunately a couple days later I spilled black nailpolish on it, so yeah that was the end of that :(. I think I’m going to get anohter one though, beause I loved it so much.

Outfit: Sweater (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (converse)

20140320-161951.jpgand here’s a closeup of my hair. :)



Boyfriend Style

For a lazy, comfortable day I am a strong believer that you can never go wrong with a bit of “boyfriend” ish flair.

I really loved this outfit, cuz I felt super comfortable and cool all day. All the pieces in this outfit are absolute favorites, which made it even better.

Outfit: Boyfriend jeans (Pacsun), Belt (American Eagle), Tshirt (?), Cardigan (Hollister), Converse (Journeys)

20140320-161758.jpg(I just really liked this picture)