On the Subject of: Downton Abbey

Confession: I love Downton Abbey….a lot…maybe to much. OH WELL. I would highly recommend it. Plus, it is set in the 1910s, which happens to be one of my favorite eras in fashion EVER. It is less fancy than the 1800s but more fancy than the 1920s, making it perfect! And, this was the time when people got  fancied up for dinner every night, so there are a lot of gorgeous dresses.


This is quite possibly my favorite dress from the whole series. I think it’s just something about the color and the detail and the flapper-esque quality it has. Did I mention that on this show they actually wear clothes multiple times so I get to see this dress often :).


This was also a HUGE highlight. If you noticed, this dress is actually kinda pants which back then this was shocking! Again, i loved the detail and the color and it just fit her so well. I think I was born in the wrong century…


This would have been considered casual, day clothes. I know, now this would probably even be fancy for a wedding. I wish it was still normal to wear quality, and detailed clothing….sigh, I can dream. Look how  theses dresses are tailored to make them look the best they can. And the pastels are perfect for that light.

I am only halfway through season 2, so don’t say anything about future events!


So I would also like to add that Downton Abbey is my all time favorite show…like on this entire planet. I came across an episode while watching Masterpiece: Classics on PBS and had no idea how big of a deal this show was in both Britain and America! I thought I was the only one who watched it! (crazy, right?) Anyway, Daisy basically gave the whole run down on the clothes, so I thought I’d add my input on the accessories back then…and maybe some other outfits also.

Sybil is my favorite character and also one of my favorite people in general

Sybil is my favorite character and also one of my favorite people in general

I know Daisy already wrote about this outfit, but this picture gives a better view of the headpiece she’s wearing. I LOVE THE HEADPIECES THEY WORE BACK THEN. If you look closely, you can see the gorgeous jewels and deep colors of jade and purple in it. The headband really brings the whole rebel look (at least for those times) together.

The infamous fiancee of Mathew Crawly.

The infamous fiancee of Mathew Crawly.

First off, the parts of sheer on the dress are stunning, especially the embroidered flower across her chest. I would actually consider wearing something like this even now. Despite the character’s role in the show, I think the girl playing the part is so pretty and really rocks the whole headband-straight-across-my-forehead very nicely. It strikes great contrast against her vibrant red hair.

The show would NOTHING without the sassy old ladies. NOTHING.

The show would be NOTHING without the sassy old ladies. NOTHING.

Dude, even the elderly knew how to work it! I loved the long, elegant necklaces the lady facing the picture is wearing! Oh, and you have to love the nod to flapper fashion with the little feather sticking out from her hat.


This picture is officially from a magazine and not from the actual show, but the actresses are still wearing Downton Abbey-like attire. If I lived in this time period, and my name happened to be Lady Rose,  I would make it my duty to own all three of those dresses.  To me, these dresses embody all the work and detail that went into making a beautiful piece of clothing back in that time. Omg, I’m trying to pick a favorite out of the three, but I just can’t!

The one and only  Michelle Dockery

The one and only Michelle Dockery

Even though this isn’t necessarily Downton Abbey, I just had to talk about my one true love for Michelle Dockery, actress who plays Lady Mary, because she is a flawless human being. Although, I might have to say that the dress she wore to the Golden Globe Award really sweeped me off my feet. Like I was seriously not expecting this at all. I’m usually skeptical about most of the daring dress choices at award shows but just omg the detail of the top! It just looks so effortless on her, I just can’t.

So that concludes our rather long post on the wonderous world of fashion in Downton. Stay tuned for more commentary on even more glamorous dresses!

Lots of Love <3



Here’s a little OOTD for yah. (haha i just found out that OOTD stands for outfit of the day….mind-blown).

IMG_0360I haven’t broken these pants out in awhile but I’m so glad i did. I literally love these  pants more than words can describe. I loved the fit so much that I ended up getting them in 2 other colors. But these-the originals-remain my favorites. So today I paired them with this dark purple-sheer shirt (blouse?). This shirt can be casual or dressy (especially when buttoned all the way to the top, like today), which i love.

IMG_0362Here is where the “XO” portion of the post comes in. As Rose said awhile ago, we love necklaces under collars. I thought this XO necklace would be the perfect layering necklace for this shirt. Plus it’s just really cute :).




Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day. I hope something special happens <3.

PS. feeling serious “post concert blues”. bleh…I’ll just go watch the recording rose took from the concert for the 100th time.

PPS. Have an amazing 4 day weekend!


Ed Sheeran and High Waisted Shorts

Hey! So, if you know us (ore read our “about us”) then you know that we love Ed Sheeran with all our hearts.  A couple of days ago we went to one of his concerts and I can’t even describe how amazing it was. If you don’t know who Ed Sheeran is go look him up right now! Anyways, it was unbelievably good and what we wore wasn’t half bad either XP.

You can't see our faces but we were sticking our tongues out.

You can’t see our faces but we were sticking our tongues out.

I (Daisy) am on the right. I don’t really have anything creative to say about this outfit. Just that I love high waisted stuff, I am starting to appreciate combat boots with shorts and it was cold so i layered up on the top.

outfit: Shirt (Tilly’s), Vest (Tilly’s), Sweater (Target+DIY elbow pads), Shorts (Urban Outfitters), Belt (?), Bag (Target), Combat Boots (Kohls)

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Ed Sheeran for bringing real music back to life.

~Daisy (Rose will add her part later)

Hola amigos! I, Rose, would like to point out that even though Daisy couldn’t find anything “creative” to say about her outfit, its one of my favorite outfits on her and she has no idea what she is taking about. (i love you) Apart from that, this outfit took me forever to find because its very hard to find the right thing to wear to go see the most beautiful angel that has walked on this planet. You can’t see it well in the picture, but my high waisted shorts have little gold buttons in the front that I am in love with. I am very emotionally attached to the bag I’m wearing, but its starting to fall apart so it looks like were gonna have to say our goodbyes soon.

my  outfit: peter pan collar shirt (Forever 21), black shorts (Marshalls), moccasins (Nordstrom Rack), bag (Leaping Lotus)

Oh, and about the Ed Sheeran concert, Daisy basically summed up everything I feel about him too, and there’s also a whole lot of other things I could say about him that have probably already been said a billion times, so I’m just gonna keep it simple. IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE AND I WILL REMEMBER IT UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. Ok, that was it, peace and love to all of y’all. (dont worry I’m not actually southern)

Lots of love-Rose

Jacket Love…

Hey guys! So yesterday my mom and i stopped briefly into a store just to look because we had like 30 minutes to kill and i found this AH-MAZING jacket which I am currently in love with. You know how as soon and you know you don’t have time or money everything in a store that you would normally pass all of a sudden is really appealing? Normally I hate that feeling, but this time it was just perfect.



I love how it’s kinda military but it’s still fitted and not like a big sack. I have been drooling over similar jackets and now one is mine (muahahaha). Anyways i love it. This sweater is literally one of the best things in my closet. I find myself fighting to not wear it every day.


See?? It’s all ruched in the back. (haha ruched…thats a good word).

Outfit: Sweater/Shirt (Forever 21), Jacket (Nordstrom, Brass Plumb), Pants (American Eagle Outfitters)

On another, a bit random note, guess what I show I am remaking for a drama project with some friends? OK, don’t guess…only the best fashion show ever…Yes, WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Should be fun.