This Week…

Fall where I live is really different from the rest of the world. Instead of getting nice brisk weather, we get a weird mix of super hot and freezing cold. Thanks Mother nature, thanks. This week for example I wore both these outfits in te space of about three days.




First, Summer decided to make an appearance and it was so hot that I decided to break out my favorite shorts. I don’t think I’ve talked about them on here yet. But, I love them with all my soul. They’re so fun and the perfect length. My parents got me this life is good shirt in Boston right afer the bombing. The back says “nothing is stronger than love”. I know that was awhile ago now, but I still love the message.

I also added my favorite cat eye sunglasses and favorite summer shoes.

Outfit: Shorts (Forever 21), T-Shirt (Boston?), Shoes (Vans Store), Glasses (Charlotte Russe)



Then it started raining, and got cold and beautiful. So I wore this outfit, later I added a huge sweater over it, but I lik it better like this. I finished the outfit off with a beanie and my docs (I just didn’t want to put them back on for this picture :D). The picture of my braid is an attempt to show you the beanie and my braid that day. haha. I love beanies, especially this white one that I dyed pale yellow a couple years ago for a halloween costume. Nothing like discovering forgotten gems eh?

Outfit: Shirt (Tilly’s), Jeans (American Eagle), Belt (?), Docs (Nordstrom: Brass Plumb), Beanie (?).





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